A journey to wellness. 

                     A journey to wellness. 


Welcome to my 'blaaargh!!' and sorry in advance for offending your eyes! Right now I want to get my story out there - later I will worry about prettifying and editing. If you can look past the imperfection that will be my blog for now, please follow me along my journey to better health. 
My Digestions: Better Times

My Digestions: Better Times

I'm finally starting to feel like maaaaaaybe I will get back to normal again. Today was a very good day. I had absolutely no symptoms; I felt great. Which is really just what most people would class as 'normal'. But for me right now normal is AMAZING. And that is in spite of being really tired, a little spacey and having a very achy stabby bruisy shoulder! On my off days I still think: 'I'm never going to get better' and on my good days I'm so happy and think: 'I'm healed! It's over!'. It's funny (pathetic) how my brain works. My counselor says I need to separate feelings from physical sensation. Not have my mood so tied up in my physical symptoms but...honestly. Even stop using the word feeling. But I feel that is near impossible. She keeps asking me what I mean when I say feel. She says I should just describe the physical symptom, for example, "My tummy is queasy", so that I don't confuse feeling sick with feeling unhappy. She also keeps congratulating me every 5 minutes. For example, twice now she has given me a 'well done' for being able to find her office - the only one - at the end of the corridor. I feel that she is treating me like an idiot. Anyway. To me that sounds like craziness and I realize words have power but really. And also - be happy when you FEEL like you want to throw up constantly, can't swallow properly, are hungry but feel completely stuffed even though you haven't eaten in hours or vice versa? Pfff...!

Okay, moving past the rant, I want to jump straight into my supplemental regime over the course of my 'treatment' as advised by my doctor and nutritionist. I opted to go for no prescription or synthetic medications. No antibiotics or acid blockers. 

Month One:

S.B.C (antifungal properties). Contains Saccharomyces Boulardii. 

Inflavonoid Intensive Care by Metagenics (for general inflammation and back pain). It consists of Curcumin, Boswellia, White Willow, Ginger and some other stuff. 

Cyto Pro Repair by Eagle (for healing the gut). It consists of Actinidia deliciosa, Aloe vera, Arabinogalactan - Larix, Brassica oleracea var. italica, cholecalciferol, Curcuma longa, Glutamine, Glycyrrhiza glabra, retinol acetate, zinc citrate dihydrat 

Cortrex by Thorne Research (for adrenal and cognitive function). Consists of Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamin, Zinc, Riboflavin and Vitamin B6, Adrenal, Adrenal Cortex (bovine...I just saw that for this first time! No idea...will have to read up), and Licorice root. 

Lipogen (helps digest fats).

Month Two: 

Metagest  by Metagenics  (digestion - to increase stomach acidity). Contains HCL and Pepsin. Most of my issues arose as soon as I ate and food was just not moving through the way it should.

Pylori Plex by Douglas Laboratories (for the H pylori bacteria). Consists of Mastic Gum (1000 mg daily), and a blend of licorice root, marshmallow root and slippery elm. 

Bacto-Cand GI by MediHerb (anti-fungal). Contains Oregano essential oil, anise essential oil, andrographis and phellodendron, andrographolide and berberine. 

Muscleze Night (to help with muscle pain and sleep). Contains Magnesium (as amino acid chelate), Calcium (as hydrogen phosphate), sour cherry fruit, inositol, choline bitartrate, glycine and vitamin E.  

I continued taking the CytoPro Repair, the Inflavonoid, and the Cortrex. 

I also took Oregon Grape root by Nature's Way (for H pylori) which contains Berberine.

In addition to that I took DGL by Enzymatic therapy (for soothing my gut and H Pylori). Contains DGL and Glycine. 

Month Three:

I kept taking Inflavonoid, Pylori Plex, Muscleze, and my own added supplements DGL and Grape Root. Stopped taking CytoPro Repair and HCL. 

Doctor added Costat by Metagenics (anti-fungal). Contains Chinese wormwood and olive leaf. 

I continued taking mastic gum (Jarrows). 

Month Four: 

Ultra Flora Immune by Metagenics (probiotics).

Meta B complex by Metagenics (energy, gut function and nutrient absorption).

Herbal Adrenal Support. This is meant to be for maintenance. Contains Eleuthero, Ashwagandha, Maca and Licorice. 

I've also decided to supplement my 'prescribed' supplements with Vit D3, K2 and Liposomal Vit C. 

Month Five:

Vitamin B

Krill oil

Stopped Muscleze. 

From the beginning I was also rotating other antifungals on a 4 day basis: Pau D'Arco, Cat's Claw, Olive Leaf and then other things that served a double purpose as I used them for my general health and to aid my digestion e.g. Cayenne pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice. 

Bentonite Clay in the morning (but only 30 minutes before or after taking supplements). Alternated with Diatomaceous earth. I believe this as well the protein powders - pea protein in particular - greatly helped with restoring my bowel movements. 

I also took very small amounts of Borax following the recommended method: http://growyouthful.com/remedy/borax.php. I don't want to say this absolutely eliminated my joint pain, and an under arm fungus that I'd been battling for about four years, but I started to take the Borax two weeks before going to my first appointment and both were gone within a week. No lie. The joint pain...maybe that was a fluke. I'm sure giving up gluten helped because after my Month 4 visit I went straight to the grocery store and bought a pastry (I know!!!) and the next day my hip pain was back for the first time in three months. I am certainly not recommending ingesting Borax, simply stating what I had done and I felt this was safe after doing quite a bit of reading. I did get better and not worse. Also, I applied the borax solution under my arm a few times - literally a few crumbs in a few drops of water. Dark spots under my armpit - GONE. Poof. For me it is like a miracle considering the number of doctor prescribed potions I've put on there (with no success). 

After month two I started juicing veggies. Sometimes I chucked in a green apple. Sometimes carrots as well which are meant to have (along with other root vegetables) strong anti-fungal KA-POWer! I also tried to get in some green leaves like this not so little tortoise below. Greens like kale, spinach, silver beet/rainbow chard, rocket and even lettuce! Green is good people! 

Leopard tortoise - South Africa, Western Cape

Leopard tortoise - South Africa, Western Cape

I was also drinking a lot of marshmallow root infused water. Once I made a concentrated marshmallow root liquid and kept it in the fridge and drank a few sips of that each night before bed. Aloe juice at some point. Some coconut kefir. Sauerkraut. Just little bits of these fermented foods though. Lately I've been having some Kombucha. Its been in my fridge so long ( a friend donated some of her scoby) by now it is pretty sour and fizzy. I actually find it quite pleasant that way.  

Drinking so many pills and potions was and is not easy. I had to set up a system so I had enough time to prepare everything and space out certain ones all before work. Warmish lemon water, then the gut healing formula, then Diatomaceous earth (DE). Later I learned to blend them. So lemon water first and then a mix of DE and CytoPro Repair. I've been doing, with all my breakfast protein smoothies, a combination of some of the following: some raw cacao, maca, green powder, chia, coconut oil, activated nuts, berries, banana, coconut water/milk. I mean to put spinach in but I literally forget to go into my garden every morning. When I did just pure veggie/fruit smoothies I did quite a lot of green smoothies. 

Currently I'm only doing Slippery Elm for repairing the mucous membranes in my stomach and gut, or for stimulating the formation of mucous, but that is mostly because I've got a little slack. And for me this is actually a sure sign I'm feeling better. Also looking at what I'm eating and craving is another sign because the truth is that I wouldn't even consider eating/drinking certain things before as I just felt too sick and my body seemed to crave 'safe/healthy/pure' foods. 

I've just had my month five appointment and will be doing another Indican urine test. I've decided to leave the H Pylori test even though I'm actually really curious to know. But does it matter seeing as I'm clearly starting to get better? Although I'm starting to wonder if H Pylori is really the problem here or if it was actually a problem with the lining in my stomach which needs repair. I mean if most people have it, and only some have symptoms, and they surely have some function...it doesn't compute. I don't know. Even the literature out there is quite divided. 

My brains are starting to leak from my ears so I will be signing off for now. I will endeavour to update on the results of my urine test soon. 

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