My Digestion: 14 Months On

It has now been 14 months since I first approached an integrative health practitioner and a nutritionist to help me figure out what was going haywire in my digestive system. I can honestly say that I have more than fledgling hope that, with dedication to healing and eating more intentionally, I will be just fine. 

Ditching the Oral Contraceptive: 3 Months Later

If you are curious at all to know, from someone who has been there (and still is there), what it is like coming off The Pill after many years, please read on. I've reached the three month mark after stopping any oral contraceptive and in the following text will outline some changes I've noticed, and also a little 'AHA!' moment I experienced during the course of writing this blog. 

Egg White Polka Dot Roll

In spite of my love of cooking, 'uncooking', and baking, I can't say that I've attempted many authentically Annapatat dishes. This one is all me and, really, was the by-product of a time when I was regularly practicing homemade creme anglaise.

My Digestions: Better Times

I'm finally starting to feel like maaaaaaybe I will get back to normal again. Today was a very good day. I had absolutely no symptoms; I felt great. Which is really just what most people would class as 'normal'. But for me right now normal is AMAZING. 

My Digestion: Getting Serious

I started to get this terrible nausea every few weekends - usually Saturdays. An hour or more after I'd eaten breakfast. Sometimes after lunch. Then I started to get it every weekend. And then sometimes on a Sunday. And then it started to extend into the week.

Hello World - Goodbye World

I’m thinking I'm coming off a little unbalanced here. On my first and last ever blog post.

 - Good. I would feel terrible to create the wrong impression of myself and for you to find out further down the track when you've already become invested. -

But there is a reason of course. There are many in fact but the leading reason...right my health. And I'm not talking about my cold.